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Environmentally friendly, oil and lubricant-free technology

Our briwatec vacuum pumps and compressors (ZIRKON series) operate with environmentally friendly, oil- and lubricant-free rotary vane technology. The briwatec dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps  and dry-running rotary vane compressors  are characterised by great durability and extremely economical operation. They are user-friendly, low-maintenance, efficient in drive and have very long vane service lives.



The rotary vane pumps and compressors in sizes from 3 to 40 m³/h and are designed with an overhung bearing. The sizes 60 to 140 m³/h are driven with coupled flange motors.

Compressor and drive are mounted on one shaft. This results in compact units that are ideal for difficult installations.


The vacuum pumps reach a final pressure of 120 mbar (abs.) in continuous operation. The compressors can be subjected to a pressure of up to 1.3 bar in continuous operation.

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