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We at briwatec offer you complete system solutions with our ready-to-use KORUND vacuum system. This can be configured – tailor-made for your requirements – with a wide range of technologies: Vacuum pumps, compressors, side channel compressors, side channel blowers, radial compressors, radial blowers, rotary lobe pumps, rotary lobe blowers and claw vacuum pumps.

The entire spectrum of customised solutions is available to you, from simple small mobile units to complex systems. From vacuum pumps and compressors through to vacuum compressors, including a wide range of accessories.

Durability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are always in focus during the entire planning and implementation process. Of course, we at briwatec also take care of the complete installation and commissioning as well as maintenance, optimisation and servicing over the entire lifespan of the system.

Vacuum pumps

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Side channel compressors & blowers 

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Radial blowers & radial compressors

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Rotary lobe pumps & rotary loby blowers

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Claw vacuum pumps

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System solutions 

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