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Privacy policy declaration 

In our company, data protection involving personal and other confidential data has the highest priority.

In the course of our business activities, data requiring protection is regularly and unavoidably collected, processed, used and made available to other persons.

The extent of collection, processing and use of personal data is limited to the minimum necessary for the fulfilment of tasks, taking into account the permissibility requirements under data protection law.

We work with updated data. Data that is no longer required is reliably deleted. Incorrect data is corrected promptly. When data is archived, further use of such data is excluded. Legal retention periods or archiving periods are observed. As a matter of principle, only personal data that is absolutely necessary for the fulfilment of legal purposes is archived.

Processing and use of personal data shall only occur with the written consent of the data subject or shall be permissible in business interests if the data subject’s interest requiring protection does not outweigh the decision to process or use the data.

Our staff are instructed on the relevant data protection regulations. They receive annual training on changes and updates in data protection law. The staff members’ obligations to data protection are on record.
Each staff member is aware that personal data entrusted to them is used exclusively within the scope of its intended purpose and must be secured against unauthorised access.

As part of our understanding of data protection 

  • only software procedures approved by the company are used,
  • no changes are made to the hardware and software,
  • no own hardware and software may be used and
  • all company policies and measures are adhered to by all employees, temporary workers, contractors and visitors.

Data and programmes must be reliably protected against unauthorised access, data theft or loss. The staff of the company undertake to exercise the greatest possible care for this purpose.

In accordance with legal requirements, every employee has the right to information about the processing of their personal data, to view their personal data, and to have it corrected, blocked or deleted if necessary, unless there is a legitimate interest on the part of the company with regard to such data.

The company undertakes to inform the data subject before processing personal data for the first time.

Zell im Wiesental, 10 July 2018
The Directors