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Our briwatec vacuum conveyors and our small conveyor devices are a solution perfectly tailored to the food industry. They support the handling of granular foodstuffs such as coffee and cereals, in particular, and warrant for the gentle handling of the goods conveyed, which is of great importance. Also, our vacuum conveyors and small conveyor systems guarantee a low noise level.

The solution for vacuum and pneumatic conveyance applications

  • Side channel blower (RUBIN series) installed in sound cover, variable output of approx. 200 Nm3/h at approx. -100 mbar differential pressure 
  • Vacuum filter
  • Stainless steel suction feed bowl
  • Stainless steel filling hopper on table level 
  • Console for filling scales 
  • Device mounted on a mobile frame 

Your benefits

  • Mobile and compact solution
  • Suitable for bulk solids up to a weight of max. 20 kg
  • Optimised portioning procedure 

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