Suction conveyance devices of briwatec for plastic granulates and other applications 

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Our briwatec suction conveyance devices are designed for the pneumatic conveyance of plastic and other granulates as well as pellets. During its use, the important dedusting of the air takes place at the same time. Our suction conveyance devices are also characterised by a compact design that meets the specific requirements.

The solution for suction conveyance applications

  • Side channel blower (RUBIN series) or claw vacuum pump (SAPHIR series)
  • Valve unit to control conveying/dedusting 
  • Dust collector with tangential inlet for better separation 
  • Integrated fine filter, optionally with filter cleaning system 
  • Dust flap, opens by weight 
  • Device is frame mounted 

Your benefits 

  • The two functions of conveying and dedusting may be used in one system 
  • Low investment and favourable operating costs 
  • Easy maintenance 

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