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Dry-running and contactless claw technology

Our briwatec claw vacuum pumps and claw compressors (SAPHIR series) are based on dry-running and contactless claw technology. This can be used for both vacuum and compressed air generation. Our units are equally suitable for air and for non-explosive/non-aggressive gases.

The internal compression of the claw vacuum pumps and claw compressors provides high efficiency and remarkable economy. An integrated silencer also ensures an extremely low noise level. The contactless and oil-free function guarantees virtually maintenance-free operation, as the pumped medium remains clean and free of lubricant residue or abrasion.

The vacuum pumps are driven directly via a coupling. Various motor versions are available. Frequency control is possible on request.



Sizes from 130 to 420 m³/h are available. Installed variants may be requested individually.


The vacuum version allows a continuous operating final pressure of 150 mbar (abs.).

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