Vacuum Pumps and Compressors, dry running


... stands for environmentally friendly oil-and lubricant less rotary vane technology, available as a vacuum pump or also as a compressor.

This robust product series is distinguished by its highly economical operation Simple operation, service friendly, low maintenance, efficient motors, and a very lengthy service life for the blades guarantees this cost-effectiveness. In the 3 to 40 m³/h sizes the compressor and motor sit on one shaft which results in an extremely compact design, ideal for difficult installation spaces. The 60 to 140 m³/h sizes are driven by coupled flange motors.
The ZIRKON vacuum pumps reach an ultimate vacuum of 120 mbar (abs.) in permanent operation.

The ZIRKON compressors are able to operate at up to 1.3 bar overpressure.

The machine can be optimally adjusted for each respective application by means of an extensive accessory package.


Details vaccum
nominal suction capacity
max. vacuum
[mbar abs.]
power consumption
noise level
50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
ZIRKON D005 V561200,120,152800330059615,4
ZIRKON D006 V671200,250,32800330060628,5
ZIRKON D008 V89,51200,250,32800330060628,5
ZIRKON D010 V10121200,370,4514001700646615,5
ZIRKON D015 V16191200,660,7214001700636529,5
ZIRKON D025 V25291200,750,914001700656729
ZIRKON D040 V40461201,51,814001700686740
ZIRKON D060 V60701201,51,814301730707266
ZIRKON D080 V80901202,22,714601735727471
ZIRKON D100 V10011512033,714301730757787
ZIRKON D140 V13015012044,414501740767898

Details pressure
max. pressure difference (bar)power consumption
noise level
50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
ZIRKON D005 D560,80,80,120,152800330061645,4
ZIRKON D006 D670,80,80,250,32800330060628,5
ZIRKON D010 D10120,60,60,370,4514001700646615,5
ZIRKON D015 D16190,60,60,660,7214001700636529,5
ZIRKON D015 D1619110,750,914001700636529,5
ZIRKON D025 D25290,60,60,750,914001700656729
ZIRKON D040 D40460,80,81,51,814001700686740
ZIRKON D060 D607010,82,22,714601735707270
ZIRKON D080 D809010,53,33,714301730727474
ZIRKON D100 D1001151,3144,414501740757793
ZIRKON D140 D1301501,10,65,56,6146017557678102
Dimensions in mm
Zirkon Abmessungen 01
Zirkon Abmessungen 02
Zirkon Abmessungen 03
ZIRKON D0052261201384113860719010Ø6x11Ø9
ZIRKON D00625316316340136688010025Ø7x12G1/4
ZIRKON D00825316716463147688010029Ø7x12G1/4
ZIRKON D01030418217446160809011238Ø7x12G1/2
ZIRKON D0154122062447027114820216071Ø9G1/2
ZIRKON D0254122062447027114820216071Ø9G3/4
ZIRKON D0404842302769030820720216078Ø9G1
ZIRKON D0607153633821323627634830556Ø10G1
ZIRKON D0807153633821323627634830556Ø10G1
ZIRKON D100830363382132362174348305154Ø10G1 1/2
ZIRKON D140830363382132362174348305154Ø10G1 1/2
Subject to technical changes.
Dimensions in mm